Mission Emotions Chart & Tool Kit

Mission Magnets Feelings Chart & Tool Kit. Help your child to acknowledge their emotional state then they can move their name marker to the appropriate section with the aim to be at the Happy Frog space. If your child feels more like the Sad Turtle, Anxious Rabbit or Angry Bull they can choose a ‘tool’ from ‘tool kit’ section and move the magnetic ‘visual’ to the ‘To be like the Happy Frog I can’ section.

Positive Behaviour

Research shows that parents are far better off to ENCOURAGE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR rather than reprimand negative behaviour. But as busy parents often we get stuck in the cycle of letting our kids go when they are being good and focusing our attention when they are misbehaving.

Positive Behaviour Missions are not only about showing your child the positive behaviours we want to see but they are also a tool to help parents to focus on, catch and praise these positive moments as we see them.