When you first receive your Mission Magnets you don’t need to put the whole set out on the first day, depending on your child you might be better to start using them in stages, giving your child the best chance to succeed. Success breeds Success, if goals are achievable it’s much easier to be focused and motivated. Kids generally do better when they are praised and rewarded for doing the right thing rather than being repremanded for doing the wrong.

All kids are different, some kids thrive on routines, charts & lists. They find comfort in having a plan of the day and knowing what is expected of them. So for these kids then its probably fine to jump straight it. Same with kids that are pretty much on track but just need a bit of help staying on task.

However if you are having behavioral issues with your child, or your child is oppositional to instruction and routine then I would definitely recommend easing in.  For some kids facing a fridge full of magnets will seem too hard and daunting and it might have the opposite effect, they might not try at all.  So I would suggest starting small, still order the whole set you would like but on the first day just put up the morning and keep it simple.

Start with tasks like breaskfast, clean teeth, get dressed etc.  and leave more abstract concepts such as ‘listen and do as told’ or ‘pick up after yourself’ for down the track. Have a simple achievable list (with plenty of time to do it) and praise, praise, praise for achieving it!  Then over time add the extra magnets.  If you are having behavioral issues with your child sticking some magnets on the fridge is not going to fix them over night but a strategy and consistency will help.  Which means you need to be consistent too, you need to make sure you move the magnets to the ‘to do’, wake you kids with enough time, or remind them to get started in the afternoon and most importantly you need to watch for success and praise. Praise as loud and as enthusiastically as you sometimes yell or tell off!!

Kids that are always getting in trouble, tend to shut down to their parents voice and us parents sometimes get so focused on the negative that the good can sometimes slip thru unnoticed, this can over be a turning point to reverting back to undesirable behavior, ‘why bother trying if no-one notices’. So you need to watch for the positive not matter how small and jump in quick to help change the behavior patterns.