Bedtime can be a hard time for both parents and children, let’s face it most kids don’t want to go to bed. Bedtime was a pain point in our family, I was sick of getting frustrated with my kids at bedtime from all the stalling, negotiating. sudden hunger and silliness with siblings.  I hated being cross with my kids as I said goodnight and was determined to find a better way.

So I designed a reward system with a little difference… the reward would be 30 minutes quality time (or whatever amount of time you like) with a parent.  I wanted this to be the reward because I knew that alot of the struggle of going to bed is our children not wanting to be separate from us.  I also knew that the stronger our emotion connection is with our child that the more likely they are to listen to us and want to please us. Nothing builds connection with your child better than focus attention, talking and most importantly listening to your child.

I have also included a ‘agreement’, this is a tool you allow you to have a conversation with your child, not at bedtime but during the day when your child is feeling connected and open to you.  You can use this sheet to write down all the expectations of your bedtime routine, so everyone is clear and understands.  During this time you also need to be aware of your expectations and make sure they are age-appropriate for your child.

Once your child collects 10 sleep sheep they earn their 30-minute reward. Then you can reset to start working towards the next 10 sheep.  You can put the magnets onto the contract on the fridge or you can use the sheep by themself next to their Mission Magnets.

The set includes:-

  • 10 of 30mm x 30mm  ‘Sleep Sheep’ magnets
  • A4 printout ‘agreement’ to outline how to earn a sleep sheep and what the reward will be.



Mission Magnets aim is to give children to tools to encourage independence. Being able to choose a step and move the magnet is both empowering and engaging for all children. Using visual tasks makes it easier for all children to understand and remember especially for young children, non-verbal children and children with processing issues.

Additional information

Weight 40 g

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