Sick of loosing all your child’s belongings? Grab a set of these cute personalised self adhesive labels and put a sticker on everything!!

Set comes with 3 sizes, suitable for books, drink bottles, stationery items and even small ones for pencils.

Name Label Pack

21 large labels – 12mm x 60mm

33 Medium labels – 8mm x 40mm

32 Small labels – 5mm x 25mm


Labels are printed on vinyl and will adhere to most surfaces. Labels are dishwasher safe. However, when using a dishwasher labelled items should be placed on the top shelf and the dishwasher should not be set on “high temperature” settings. We do not recommend placing labels on items that are used in microwave ovens or bottle sterilizers.

Please note small labels name only – no picture


Additional information

Weight 1 g