Mission Emotions Chart & Tool Kit. Help your child to acknowledge their emotional state then they can move their name marker to the appropriate section with the aim to be at the Happy Frog space. If your child feels more like the Sad Turtle, Anxious Rabbit or Angry Bull they can communicate that to the family.

I recommend using the stand alone chart as a family tool and purchasing additional name markers for siblings, Mum & Dad etc.  that way you can communicate with each other when you might need some space or maybe a hug.

  • 270mm x 120mm  ‘Mission Emotions Chart’ magnet
  •  1 of 24mm button magnet with your child’s name on it


Mission Magnets aim is to give children to tools to encourage independence. Being able to choose a step and move the magnet is both empowering and engaging for all children. Using visual tasks makes it easier for all children to understand and remember especially for young children, non-verbal children and children with processing issues.

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Weight 250 g