Daily Thoughts for Kids

Positive Affirmations are a powerful thing, the language we use both externally and internally shapes us in many ways. Giving our kids positive language is a great way to help shape their inner voice, which is really important as this voice is the one we carry through into adulthood.  Our inner voice is a big part of our personal belief system and we want our voice to be empowering and positive, not limiting and negative.

Allow your child to choose a daily magnet to help shape the feeling of the day. Magnets can be placed on the fridge next their Mission Magnets, or on a magnetic whiteboard in their room or desk.  Perhaps you can help guide the choice if your child is struggling in a particular area.

Set consists of 10 Assorted Positive Affirmations (75mm x 55mm).

The set is  gender neutral comes in a satin lined gift box (90mm x 90mm).



Mission Magnets is about helping kids to help themselves.
Confidence is built by giving kids systems in which they can be successful. There is a desire in all kids to be independent, it’s part of growing up. We as parents need to tap into this desire and encourage it. One of the primary ways to build resilience in your child is for them to feel capable. Mission Magnets is not just about routines and schedules it’s about helping your child to grow.


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Weight 150 g