Personalised ‘FIRST, THEN’ Name Magnets  &  ‘FINISHED’ – there will be a place to add your child’s name as you check out.

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Mission Magnets is a personalised magnetic chart system that you can use straight on to your fridge. This option NEW helps kids that benefit from knowing a sequence of events. The set consists of  ‘FISRT’ and  THEN’ magnets with your child’s name on it and also a ‘FINISHED’. Then you add the item magnets with the tasks your child needs to complete or the activities they get to do.

This system allows your child to see the order of the day. FIRST eat breakfast THEN clean teeth etc. This simple system aims to give children a visual aid to see what needs to be done and the order in which to do it.  Parents can see at a glance how the morning/day is progressing and give positive reinforcement or a gentle reminded to choose a magnet as get it done.

Kid’s get the reward of seeing their ‘FINISHED’ listgrow and feel a sense of independence as they are getting themselves ready and progressing thru the day. Parents get to remind less (nag in your children’s ears) and empower their children but helping them to feel safe and in control of the days events.

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