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Research shows that parents are far better off to ENCOURAGE POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR rather than reprimand negative behaviour. But as busy parents often we get stuck in the cycle of letting our kids go when they are being good and focusing our attention when they are misbehaving.

Positive Behaviour Missions are not only about showing your child the positive behaviours we want to see but they are also a tool to help parents to focus on, catch and praise these positive moments as we see them.

I have put together this compact board version. As you notice your child display one of the positive behaviours listed, they can move a start to that space.  Up to 4 stars will fit on each behaviour, so for example, there is an opportunity to show manners more than once.

The pack consists of:

  • 300mm x 200mm board, with the 16 positive behaviours printed on it (note these are not changeable)
  • 21 of 20mm x 20mm magnetic stars


You are welcome to offer a reward if your child fills the chart, however description encouragement such as;

  • ‘That was lovely when you shared your toy with your brother, you made him happy”,
  • “Thanks for using your inside voice, I know it is hard when you are excited”,
  • “Wow, I love how nicely you guys are playing lego together”,
  • “That was excellent manners when you asked for a drink”

Offering positive attention and encouragement is helps to ‘teach’ our child, and is more effective than a generic ‘good job’ and helps them to also not be focused on doing things just for our approval or reward.

Descriptive encouragement helps our child to feel good about themselves, it creates SELF-esteem.


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