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Are you looking for more ways to achieve a calm & happy home?
Then check out Mission Connect….

Mission Connect is about nurturing your child’s independence and self-esteem by means of routine, reassurance, fun and family connection.

We all know children thrive within a routine.
A predictable routine builds a sense of security and having boundaries helps children to feel loved and protected. However, implementing a routine and more importantly, sticking to a routine is not without its challenges for both children AND parents.

Mission Connect gives you the framework to successfully add a visual routine system and also the tools & resources to keep your children engaged and on track.

So how does it work?

If we break it down Mission Connect consists of two main facets


Clear and concise instructions and training incorporating the Mission Connect Success Path to help you implement a routine system or make the most of your existing one.

I want to take the overwhelm away not add to it so I will be giving you bite-size and actionable tips and tricks to help you achieve a calm and happy home.

Kid’s personal growth activities that include parent information sheets with instructions and examples so you can simply and easily guide your child.

The monthly family connection activity is designed with busy families in mind. It will be easy and fun and not take too much time.

You will also have access to a closed Facebook group for parents so we can connect and share ideas. Here I will host live check-ins & video lessons.

Members-only website section including an artwork gallery for the kids.

Mission Connect specials and discounts


Activity sheets will be sent to your child each month with Mission Kids styled activities such as colouring, dot to dot and word searches etc.

Packs will have a focus on home life and daily activities.

Included in the activity packs are personal growth activities like goal of the month, reflections of the month and conversation starters.

Each month will also include a simple activity for the family to do together and focus on during the month.

Mission Kids Club gallery where kids can share their artwork

Plus Mission Kids stickers with new ones to collect each month.

The Mission Connect Success Path gives you clear and easy to follow steps so you can get the results you desire. You can progress at your own pace in your own time. Whether you are starting from Stage 1 or just trying to perfect your existing routine and boost motivation you will be guided to the area you should be focusing on.

So here’s the exciting part… I have a BIG vision and I totally want you to be a part of it… from the very start! I’m busy creating resources atm and putting the tech in place and can’t wait to get it all rolling and I totally want your input to make this space the best it can be.

Very soon I am going to open the doors to a group of foundation members, you get access to Mission Connect at the lowest price it will ever be and that price will be locked in for as long as you stay a member.
The next time I open the doors the price will increase.

There will be many other features rolled out including a Youtube channel – how much will your kids love getting a shout out and having their artwork displayed on Youtube!!
I will also bring in guest parenting experts to help with specific issues members need support with.

I am passionate about helping families be the best they can be. I know first hand how soul-destroying it is when you are always at war with your child and your house feels like a battleground. I understand the pressures of family life and I want to bring you the clarity you need to put a simple system in place to enable you to enjoy raising your children.

Primary school age is the best time to establish a strong connection and good communication with your child. There will of course be changes in the teenage years which is why it is so important to set your child up with a good foundation now.

I distinctly remember a couple of years ago when our house was in chaos and I was constantly at odds with my youngest daughter.
I remember thinking…

“If my 8 year old child does not listen to us now what chance do we have at 13 and older”

The thought literally terrified me, I looked ahead at the future and it looked bleak. This is when I took proactive action and decided to turn my family around. Now I am happy to say we have a calm and happy home… most of the time!!


So join the waiting list now to keep up to date with Mission Connect news.
I’ll let you know when I am going to open to foundation members.
I want you to help me make something amazing!!