In this short video, I explain ADHD in simple terms.  My aim was to create something compact and easy for parents to watch with their children yet still be factual and educational for all ages.

Did you know I was an ADHD Coach?

It became apparent to me over time that many of the people I was supporting with my parenting classes and products were impacted by ADHD.  So with my existing knowledge base and experience regarding ADHD, I decided to specialise in this area and train to become an ADHD Coach. I am currenting training with Dr. Alan R Graham, PhD at Mentor Coach, USA on a pathway to be certified by the PAAC (Professional Association of ADHD Coaches).

With my coaching, I predominantly support adults & teens that have ADHD but I also work with parents of children who have ADHD also.

You can find out more about my ADHD & Parent Coaching at