As a working mum with 2 young children the mornings are always a busy and stressful time. I often felt like a drill Sargent trying to get everyone organised and ready for the day while still trying to get myself ready for work. Adding to the pressure is that my younger daughter has ADHD so the mornings are particularly hard for her to stay on track and do what she needs to do.

Researching on how to stop my morning routine of yelling I read that visual charts work best especially for small children or kids with special needs. So I tried to think of a way to add this into my home in a way that would actually be used… and not ignored after a day or two.

Then while at work (I am a designer at Daytona Signs) I had the idea use magnets on my fridge so they could be in the hub of the house for all to see. Plus I thought actually moving the magnets would help to keep my kids engaged.

Over the next few days I made my own system and my kids started using it. They loved it!!

I posted a happy photo on a parent support page I am on and with in moments I had parents asking me where I got them. When I said I made them I then got many enquiries if would sell them and within 24 hours ‘Mission Magnets’ had begun and I was taking orders!!!

A Facebook page followed facebook/missionmagnets

Then to make ordering easier this webpage.