Do you always have a stressful morning? Are you always running late?

Getting the kids organised and off to school can be a challenge especially if you also need to get to work yourself. So here are my top 5 tips for a better morning.

  1. Get up 30 minutes earlier. I know it can be hard to get out of bed especially if you have children that don’t sleep well but trust me it’s worth it. Get up and have your shower then wake your kids up so they have ample time to get ready. I am up at 6:10am I wake my kids at 6:30am and they have the option of having a shower, sitting with me and having a cuddle while I drink my coffee (and watch sunrise till the end of the weather) or getting 10 more minutes in bed. Then at 6:40am it’s time to get moving. This means they can easily be ready by 8am and on a good day are ready by 7:30am leaving them plenty of free time in the morning before heading to school.  This may seem like a long time but getting ready for them includes morning chores and tidying their rooms etc. plus my kids can easily take 1/2 an hour to eat breakfast!
  2. Aim to be ready 30mins before you have to leave. We leave at 8:30am but I aim to have to kids ready by 8am. This is especially important for kids with separation anxiety, I’ve found the more stressful the morning the more stressful the drop off but by having that extra time to relax before heading to school it makes the whole day easier. Plus if things do go wrong you still won’t actually be late for school/work.
  3. Do what you can the night before! So I don’t do too much of this but I know it’s a good idea. We are early birds so I pack lunches in the morning while my kids eat breakfast but it’s definitely a good idea to do it the night before. But what I do is make sure they kids clothes are out so getting dressed is as easy as possible.  Any school notes done or sports/activity gear should be packed and ready to go to.
  4. Have a visual routine chart. Well of course I had to say this lol. Mission Magnets have totally changed my mornings, moving the magnets keeps the kids engaged, I give them a reward magnet to score how well they have done and 50 cents if they are completely by 8am. Having this interactivity has meant the system continues to be used rather than been neglected after a few days like other ideas I have tried. They also have a bit of friendly rivalry to see who gets finished first and my older daughter likes to try and beat her best time.
  5. Lastly have a good bedtime routine. If your kids are tired the morning its going to be an uphill battle. Work out a bedtime and stick to it, plus have a set routine leading up to bedtime also. It’s good idea to have no screens before bed too as the blue light can mess with your sleep patterns. We watch ‘neighbours’ as a family at 7pm (can’t believe I’m watching Neighbours again lol) it’s probably not the best option but it works for us to get everyone together and settled. Then it’s bed at 7:30pm. My older daughter gets reading time til 8pm.

I say LESS stressful because I think if you have kids it’s rarely a stress-free morning but I’ve found that these 5 things definitely help. What do you do to stress free your mornings?