Mission Magnets is a personalised magnetic chore chart system for kids that you can use straight on to your fridge. The set consists of a ‘TO DO’ and a ‘DONE’ magnet with your child’s name on it and then item magnets with the tasks (Missions) your child needs to complete.

To use simply move the magnets to the ‘TO DO’ side, then as your child completes the tasks, their ‘Mission’ they move the magnet to the ‘DONE’ side.

This simple system aims to give children a visual aid to see what needs to be done and do it. Parents can see at a glance how the morning/day is progressing and give positive reinforcement or a gentle reminded to choose a magnet as get it done.

Kid’s get the reward of seeing their ‘Done list’ grow and feel a sense of independence as they are getting themselves ready, some choosing the order of their own tasks.  Parents get to remind less (nag in your children’s ears) but can still make sure the day is progressing and things are getting done.

Plus you can also add ‘REWARD’ magnets in the from of a motivational praise or a money magnets that can later be cashed in for real money.



  1. Go to Shop and Click on ORDER MAGNETS
  2. Select BOYS, GIRLS or TEEN (just choose for your first child if you have more than one child)
  3. Add NAME MAGNETS to cart, you will need a set for each child – there is a space to add names at checkout. Name magnets are the same for boys/girls/teens so add all you need now.
  4. Now add the ‘Missions’ (tasks) for your first child.
  5. Then add Missions for any other children
  6. Then Checkout and add your details including your child/children’s names